Focal Finish

Now you don’t have to be a Michelangelo to have a beautifully finished medallion. If you love the look of a stained or finished medallion, but hate the thought of finishing it yourself or hiring a professional, Focal Finish is the perfect solution.

Ten hand-applied, artistic finishes are available for more than 30 medallion choices. Our beautiful finish options are designed to complement popular lighting fixtures. So whether you have metals or earthy elements, wood or crackle finishes, Focal Point offers something to suit your style.

Note: Focal Finish Products are “special order” with a no return policy (except for freight damage). See individual product listings for which medallions are available with Focal Finish. Product finishes should be denoted using letters so that parts can be ordered using the original part number + the finish code (letter). For example: 88528-H would represent the Emma Heritage in Burnished Bronze Crackle.

Finish A: Brushed Opulence (Satin)
Designed to complement popular brushed nickel, silver or gold fixtures, Brushed Opulence features an elegant silver finish with gold accents.

Finish B: Distressed Silver (Satin)
Created to coordinate with lighting fixtures that have a distressed look, Distressed Silver incorporates black flecks through its silver sheen for an artistic finish.


Finish C: Sierra (Matte)
Modeled after natural earth tones and elements, Sierra will complement stone and other rustic fixtures. The finish includes subtle black lowlights.

Finish D: Regal Gold (Satin)

Developed from a golden-hued base color, Regal Gold features both black lowlights and gold highlights.


Finish E: Sunset (Matte)
To complement your copper or red-toned finishes, Sunset has the look of antique copper with black lowlights.

Finish F: Imperial Gold (Satin)
Imperial Gold features a dark glaze overlay with black lowlights. This finish will complement a variety of fixtures.

Finish G: Weathered Bronze (Matte)
Crafted to coordinate with gold or bronze fixtures, Weathered Bronze is a light bronze finish with gold lowlights.

Finish H: Burnished Bronze Crackle (Satin)
The dark bronze of Burnished Bronze Crackle features a crackle pattern and gold highlights. This finish will nicely complement dark or gold fixtures in particular.

Finish I: Gilded Mahogany (Satin)
Gilded Mahogany takes the look of stained wood to the next level by adding delicate gold accents.

Finish J: Oil Rubbed Bronze (Matte)
Nearly black with rubbed bronze highlights, Oil Rubbed Bronze coordinates with many of today’s popular bronze fixtures.

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