Historic Collections

Our licensed historical collections preserve the detail of architectural history and integrity. Each piece is adapted from authentic historical patterns licensed by Focal Point. Logos of the historical societies are used on our product pages to denote our licensed collections.

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

The restoration of Williamsburg, the 18th Century capital of the Virginia colony, was supported by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. , from the 1920s to the 1950s. During restoration, he learned that mouldings played a role in the social hierarchy of a home. The degree of detail was an indication of the owner’s wealth. It is from the colonial homes and buildings of Williamsburg that Focal Point presents a unique line of colonial mouldings endorsed by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Click here to see the entire line of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation mouldings.

Victorian Society in America

On the heels of the colonial era came 19th Century, or Victorian Design. Once reserved only for the wealthy, elaborate ornamentation became available due to craftsmen arriving from Europe - craftsmen “schooled” in fine wood carving and ornate plastering. Elegant and flamboyant, these mouldings and medallions reflect the architecture loved by Queen Victoria of 19th Century England. Click here to see the entire line of Victorian Society in America mouldings and medallions.

Historic Natchez Foundation


In the years prior to the Civil War, Natchez was a thriving community of northern planters who employed European craftsman to build their homes. French, English, Spanish and West Indian design elements were combined to create a distinctive collection of mouldings, doorways and medallions. During the Civil War, Natchez became the Union Army’s command center, protecting the homes from destruction. Today, Natchez represents the largest collection of pre-Civil War homes in the United States. Click here to see the entire line of Historic Natchez Foundation mouldings and medallions. 

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